Cary Drivers Know Auto Tech Centers Will Keep Them Comfortable

Car mechanicMake sure your ride is keeping you comfortable by maintaining your heating and AC. At Auto Tech Centers of Crystal Lake, we specialize in air conditioning and heating repair to ensure that driving isn't a miserable experience. If you're in Cary, Auto Tech Centers is your best option for repairing and maintaining these components. To find us, get on Northwest Highway from the Cary city center, going toward 31. Drive over 31 and keep going until you hit Virginia Street. We're just past the intersection of Virginia and Northwest Highway, near the Country Donuts.

When to Come In

If your AC stops working, clearly it's time to seek outside help. But your air will most likely give warning signs before it goes out, so it pays to pay attention. If the air is damp, or not getting as hot or as cold as you're expecting, bring it in for a checkup. Something's probably starting to fail, and we can help. Additionally, a failing AC or heating system can sometimes be an indicator of even bigger problems, making this more than just an issue of comfort.

What You Get

When you visit us, you get more than just a hasty fix. We commit to doing a full inspection on the air system of any vehicle brought in. Even if your problem is an easy fix, we'll check every element, including the thermostat, pressure cap, and hoses. Not only that, but Auto Tech Centers is known for excellent tire care, so you can come in for your air and get your tires checked out and changed at the same time.

Get the Fix You Need Today

If you're having comfort issues, or you just want to get it all inspected by a professional, come down the road and visit us at Auto Tech Centers of Crystal Lake. We're proud to serve Cary and the surrounding communities. Our well-trained technicians are eager to help. Visit us 7 am. – 7 p.m. Monday through Friday or 7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturdays.