Stay Comfortable with Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in Crystal Lake

AC ControlsNo matter what the season, automobile climate control can make a big difference in your drive, which is why drivers trust Auto Tech Centers for air conditioning and heating repair near Crystal Lake that works. Whether your air quality is poor or the temperatures aren’t quite right, our certified technicians are happy to take a look and get your system working properly once again. A properly working system also ensures safe driving, since you use your A/C to keep your windows and mirrors free of fog in a variety of weather conditions.

The Crystal Lake location for Auto Tech Centers is located only 5 minutes from the heart of the community. You will see us in less than two miles when you drive south on Main Street, then take a right on US-14 West. Drive for half a mile and you will see us in front of you!

Know When You Need Repairs

In your busy life, it might not always be easy to know when it is time for a service appointment. Obviously, you will need your heating or air conditioning repaired if it fails to work completely, but you will also want our technicians to take a look if:

  • The air coming out of your vents is damp or musty
  • Your A/C isn’t producing air that is significantly cooler than the outside air
  • Your heat is only mildly warmer than outside temperatures
  • The system stops working when your car is stopped or idling
  • Airflow is significantly reduced
  • You are experiencing issues with your defroster, including slow or stopped operation or unclear air output

Full System Inspection and Repair

Even if you bring your vehicle in for a minor comfort issue, the technicians at Auto Tech Centers will perform a full inspection to ensure that your system avoids excessive wear and tear. Our services include inspection, replacement, and/or repair of the following components:

  • Pressure cap
  • Hoses
  • Thermostat
  • Interior vents
  • Compressor belt
  • And more!

Invest in Great Auto Care

At Auto Tech Centers, we offer efficient and friendly service that customers love, to keep your car running as smoothly as possible for as long as you choose to own it. When it’s time for your regular maintenance visit, or you need your comfort systems fixed as soon as possible, give us a call at (815) 459-7300 to schedule your appointment.