Fox River Grove Drivers Stay Comfortable with Nearby Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

Mechanic repairs carNo matter what the season, you need air conditioning and heating repair near Fox River Grove that can keep you comfortable. After all, these systems are essential to keeping you and your family safe in extreme weather, as well as helping to maintain optimal temperatures in your engine and other vehicle components. You will find an Auto Tech Centers Crystal Lake location just a few minutes from Fox River Grove, only 6.5 miles away. Use this route to find us in no time at all:

  • Take Skyline Drive and Opatrny Drive to US-14 W.
  • Continue on US-14 W. to S. Virginia Road in Crystal Lake
  • Turn left onto S. Virginia Road
  • You will see us on your right at 7101 S. Virginia Road!

Signs of Difficulty Mean You Need Service

You don’t have to suffer in uncomfortable temperatures if your air conditioning and heating system is malfunctioning; simply schedule an appointment with the certified mechanics at Auto Tech Centers to take a closer look. You will know that you may need service if you notice:

  • Damp or musty air coming from your vents
  • Poor cooling of air, resulting in air conditioning that is only slightly cooler than the outside air
  • Heat that only produces air that is mildly warmer than outside temperatures
  • All air conditioning or heat stops working when your vehicle is stopped or idling
  • Air output and flow is reduced
  • Your defroster is malfunctioning, including slow, stopped, or unclean air output

Thorough Inspection and Repair

Even a minor issue with the air conditioning and heating system can be troublesome for you, which is why the certified mechanics at Auto Tech Centers are ready to perform a complete inspection of your vehicle. Our inspections can also include repair and replacement of defective parts and components. The components that are the most likely culprits for heating and air issues include the pressure cap, thermostat, hoses, interior vents, and the compressor belt.

Time to Invest in a Quality Fix

Schedule an appointment today with our experts to get control of your air conditioning and heating issues before the problem gets any bigger. We are open six days a week with extended hours so you are sure to find an appointment time that works for you. Call us at (815) 459-7300 or schedule an appointment through our website for a wide variety of auto and tire services today!