Auto Tech Centers Provide Stellar Air Conditioning and Heating Repair for Huntley Drivers

technician with a customerIf you’re in need of air conditioning and heating repair in Huntley, look no further than Auto Tech Center. We are located just minutes away and provide high-quality services resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Huntley drivers can rely on Auto Tech Centers for quick and efficient air conditioning and heating repair.

From Huntley:

  • Head north on IL-47 toward Main St.
  • You’ll find us on the right at 10370 Illinois 47

Stay Comfortable

Nothing is more uncomfortable than driving in a vehicle with no heat or air conditioning, which is why it’s important to stay on top of this vital maintenance in order to avoid discomfort. Your air conditioner keeps you cool in the summer months, but it also serves an important purpose during the winter when it works to defrost your windshield. A/C and heating components are subject to natural wear over time and can face worse consequences if neglected. Ensuring you get regular checks and service will help keep your vehicle running at peak performance and provide you with a comfortable drive.

Air Conditioning and Heating Services

When you bring your vehicle in for air conditioning and heating repair at Auto Tech Centers in Huntley, you can expect to receive friendly and efficient service. Our experienced technicians perform meticulous inspections, which include checking the interior and blower, radiator coolant level, pressure cap, hoses, thermostat, and interior vent temperature. We also screen the compressor belt and inspect for leaks or damage.

Signs to Look For

If you’re worried that your vehicle may need air conditioning or heating repair, the best way to prevent tremendous damage is to pay close attention to how your car performs. Make sure you schedule an appointment with Auto Tech Centers if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Air quality is moist or musty
  • A/C air is only slightly cooler than outside air
  • Heat is only slightly warmer than outdoors, or doesn’t heat up at all
  • Heater or A/C stops working when car stops or idles
  • Defroster doesn’t operate, takes longer to work, or blows out unclear air
  • A/C or heater doesn’t blow out much air

Choose Auto Tech Centers

Schedule your air conditioning and heating repair appointment with Auto Tech Centers in Huntley today. Call us at (847) 802-4051 to get started.