Drivers Rely on Auto Tech Centers for Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in McHenry

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Drivers in need of air conditioning and heating repair in McHenry are just minutes away from the leading shop in Chicagoland!  Our four convenient locations of Auto Tech Centers include our advanced shop right in McHenry. We’ve been providing vital maintenance and repairs for decades out of state-of-the-art facilities to keep you safe and comfortable behind the wheel. Here’s how to get to us:

  • Head north on N. Green St. toward W. Clover Avenue
  • Turn left onto Main St.
  • Make a right onto W. Crystal Lake Road
  • Turn left onto W. Elm St.—Auto Tech will be on the right!

Pay Attention to Signs of Wear

Faulty air conditioning or heating goes beyond discomfort; it can be downright dangerous. Without air conditioning, you’re at risk of overheating in the cabin, and your car can even overheat and break down. Air conditioning also defrosts your window during the winter to maintain visibility. Malfunctioning heat will result in unbearably cold temperatures as well. It’s important to keep up with routine maintenance, as vehicle components are subject to wear over time. It’s also important to pay attention to how your vehicle performs. Visit us immediately if you notice:

  • Air quality is moist, musty, or unclean
  • A/C air is only slightly cooler than outside air
  • Heat doesn’t work, or is only slightly warmer than outdoors
  • Heater or A/C stops working when car is stopped, or doesn’t blow out much air
  • Defroster isn’t functioning or takes longer to operate

Meticulous Repairs

We recommend getting your vehicle checked out before the peak of the season to avoid defects. Our service professionals will take a comprehensive look at all components, like the interior and blower, pressure cap, thermostat, radiator coolant level, and vent temperature. We’ll also perform a detailed inspection to check for damage or leaks. The bottom line is that we want our valued customers to have a comfortable and safe drive.

Auto Tech Offers Expert A/C and Heating Repairs

Air conditioning and heating repair doesn’t have to be a hassle for McHenry drivers. When you’re ready to schedule these services, contact Auto Tech Centers, or stop by our convenient McHenry location. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our quick and meticulous repairs, so you can get back on the road in no time.