Wonder Lake Drivers Trust Their Air Conditioning and Heating Repair to Auto Tech Centers!

Trained technician with customerAuto Tech Centers has been tending to the needs of those requiring reliable air conditioning and heating repairs in the Wonder Lake area for many years. Our high-tech McHenry location is fully equipped to meet your needs in a timely manner, and is conveniently located only ten minutes away. Just follow these quick directions to get to us.

  • Take Wonder Lake Road south until you reach IL-120
  • Turn left onto IL-120. It will become Elm St. when you enter McHenry
  • You will find us on the right side of the road at 4005 W. Elm St.

Prevent Air Conditioning and Heating Problems to Avoid Danger

You’d be surprised by the amount of heat that vehicles absorb and trap inside. On a hot summer day, your vehicle can heat up to over 110 degrees inside in less than 15 minutes, and this is with the windows cracked! Air conditioning is more than a convenience. It is vital to keeping us and our children safe while driving in the summer.

If your air conditioning malfunctions, it can also damage your engine and make it more difficult to defrost your windows during the winter, where poor heating can make it miserable to travel during the cold months. Nobody wants to be stuck in the summer sun or caught in the dead of winter without a working A/C or heating system. For this reason, you should have your systems checked just before the summer and winter months to be sure they are working properly.

Comprehensive Repairs and Detailed Inspections You Can Rely On

Whether you are currently experiencing problems with your A/C and heating system or just want to have it inspected, you can trust our service professionals to get the job done. During every repair, we inspect each component of your system to identify leaks, defective and worn components, and any other areas of concern. We are fully equipped to perform any needed repairs to have you on your way safely.

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Wonder Lake drivers have been depending on us for their air conditioning and heating repairs for thirty years and we want you come find out why. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or stop by at your own convenience.