Fox River Grove Owners Choose Timely Belt and Hose Replacement

automotive mechanicIf you need belt and hose replacement you want a service center near to Fox River Grove. Belts and hoses are essential to smooth operation of your vehicle, especially since they are the conduits for fluid, air, and energy as you drive. From spinning parts to fluid reservoirs, your vehicle’s parts can be trusted to the certified mechanics at Auto Tech Centers. Our Crystal Lake location is just minutes from Fox River Grove, and you can find us in 6.5 miles when you use this route:

  • Take Skyline Drive and Opatrny Drive to US-14 W.
  • Take US-14 W. to S. Virginia Road in Crystal Lake
  • Turn left onto S. Virginia Road
  • We are located on your right at 7101 S. Virginia Road!

Thorough Maintenance and Repair

Your belts and hoses do a lot of work mile after mile, which is why it is important to keep track of the wear and tear they show. Our team will thoroughly inspect your belts and hoses to catch small issues and correct them before they become something larger. We examine for the following items in our belt and hose inspections:

  • Proper tension
  • Appropriate alignment
  • Leaking and splitting
  • Belts that have softened, peeled, fractured, or glazed
  • Hoses that have cracked, hardened, or softened
  • Loose or worn clamps
  • Cooling system test using pressure-based diagnostics

How to Tell if Your Belts and Hoses Have Problems

It’s not always easy to know when you need to pay a visit to Auto Tech Centers, but some basic information can let you know when your belts and hoses might need a second look. Screeching and grinding sounds might be signs of issues with your belts, while leaks and overheating are indicative of issues with your hoses. You may also want to consider scheduling an appointment with us if you notice reduced power, sliding, catching, vibrations, and more.

Time to Bring Your Vehicle in for Service

At Auto Tech Centers, our highly qualified team is happy to inspect, repair, and replace your components in a timely manner. Call us up at (815) 459-7300 to see when we have an opening, and we will get to work restoring your vehicle to optimal performance as soon as possible!