Belt and Hose Replacement is Simple for Lakemoor Drivers who Choose Auto Tech Centers

BeltsAs part of your routine vehicle maintenance as a Lakemoor car owner, you will want belt and hose replacement that ensures your lines are running optimally to get fluid and air to essential components. While you might not always have this listed as a part of your routine maintenance schedule, it is essential for proper engine function. You can have your belts and hoses looked at as part of a tune-up or a dedicated service visit when you come to Auto Tech Centers in McHenry, less than five miles away from Lakemoor. Reach us in just over 10 minutes by following this route:

  • Drive west on IL-120 W/Rand Road
  • Make a U-turn at W. Crystal Lake Road
  • You will see us on your right!

Full Inspection of Belt and Hose Components

When you bring your vehicle into Auto Tech Centers, our certified technicians go above and beyond the cursory glance at your issues. In fact, our team is dedicated to offering a detailed inspection and repair when you bring your car, truck, or SUV to us for a closer look at hose and belt components. Our inspection includes a look at:

  • Tensioning and drive pulley alignment
  • Clamps, checking for looseness or wear
  • Hose pipes, testing for cracks, hardness, or softness
  • Belts, looking for glazing, fracturing, softening, or peeling
  • Splits or leaks
  • Cooling system, using a pressure-based examination

Know When to Go

Though it’s not common to include belt and hose inspections with your regular maintenance routine, you should still get a technician to take a look at them about every 3,000 miles, or when you get your oil changed. Of course, if you notice issues with driving or performance, you may wish to bring your vehicle in sooner. For example, you may need belt and hose repair if you notice vibrations, overheating, or reduced power. In addition, you will want to be aware of any strange noises like grinding or screeching and you will want to be aware of any times your vehicle slides or catches. Since belts and hoses are made from rubber and other soft materials, they need to be inspected regularly in case they swell, burst, split or crack, potentially causing leaks.

Get Vital Belt and Hose Replacement at Auto Tech of McHenry

When it’s time to get your car in for service, there is no better stop than Auto Tech Centers of McHenry. Schedule an appointment online, get a quote, or stop in to our location at 4005 W. Elm Street for dependable and friendly service today!