Stay in Compliance With Emission Repairs Near McHenry

Emissions TestingYour engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle, and you want to keep it running as smoothly as possible, so for emission repairs near McHenry, drivers turn to Auto Tech Centers. We offer full engine diagnostic services to get to the root of your emissions issues, and we can solve your check engine light problems with ease. With Auto Tech’s emission services, we can help you stay legal and optimize the running of your engine without the need to leave McHenry. We are located just over a mile from you and you can find us in a quick five minutes by following these directions:

  • Follow North Green Street in the direction of West Clover Avenue
  • Take a left onto Main Street
  • Turn right onto West Crystal Lake Road
  • Take a right onto West Elm Street
  • We are located on your right!

Signs You Might Need Emissions Repair

Your emissions system doesn’t always tell you when your vehicle needs a little extra TLC, but there are several ways you can tell if it is time to bring your vehicle in for service. A failed emissions examination and an illuminated check engine light are obvious indicators that a repair is needed. You will also want to schedule a service if you hear knocking or other engine noises, or if you notice poor fuel economy.

Computer System Engine Diagnostics

The best way to get a quick look at your emissions system is to perform a computer diagnostic. The certified technicians at Auto Tech Centers can perform a diagnostic easily, checking into many vehicle systems with one test and then they will take a closer look at your vehicle, including an inspection of systems, including:

  • Emissions
  • Fuel injection
  • Ignition
  • Electrical
  • Anti-Lock Brakes
  • Obstruction
  • Hoses, sensors, and spark plugs

Get Up and Go with Auto Tech

Nothing gets your car running better than an appointment with vehicle experts. The Auto Tech Center location in McHenry is perfectly poised to give your car, truck, or sport utility vehicle the care it deserves. Schedule your appointment online or contact us at (815) 385-7300 for service, repair, maintenance, and more!