Auto Tech Centers Helps Wonder Lake With Emission Repairs

Tech does Engine DiagnosticsFailing an emissions test can alert you to a more serious problem with your vehicle, and the experts at Auto Tech Centers are trusted to perform emissions repairs for drivers in the Wonder Lake area. We can run a full engine diagnostic to determine the source of your poor emission score and to determine why your check engine light is constantly on. Reaching us from Wonder Lake is really easy by following these simple directions:

  • Take IL-47 north until you reach IL-176 and take a right
  • Continue on IL-176 until Walkup Road and turn left
  • Keep straight onto Crystal Lake Road and take it to Elm St. before hanging a right.
  • We will be down the street on your right at 4005 Elm St.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for a Failed Emissions Test

Your emissions system is more important than you think. Aside from the environmental benefits of having a finely tuned emissions system, there are added benefits, which include better gas mileage, a cleaner and more powerful engine, and extended engine life. Symptoms of a poor emissions system can manifest in the form of engine knocking, a check engine light, and more frequent trips to the gas station.

Engine Diagnostics Can Reveal Deeper Issues

An engine diagnostic check allows us to pinpoint areas which require further attention, by connecting your vehicle’s computer to our own. Our certified technicians can use the information gained from this test to narrow the possible causes of your check engine light or poor emissions rating. Possible causes include worn or defective hoses, sensors and spark plugs, problems with the fuel injection system, electrical problems, or an obstruction in the exhaust system. Once we have identified the problem, we will be able to repair it quickly so that you can return to the road with confidence.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Auto Tech Centers is celebrating over thirty years of service to Wonder Lake drivers. Contact us today or stop in at any time to learn why drivers trust us exclusively with their emissions repairs. Our friendly and professional technicians will be happy to fit you into our schedule and will perform your repairs at a price that simply cannot be found anywhere else.