Woodstock Drivers Trust Auto Tech for Emission Repairs

Emissions Repair at Auto TechBeing a responsible driver means you have to keep up to date with your vehicle’s emission repairs near Woodstock. Drivers know that passing the emissions test is also a great way to ensure that your vehicle’s engine is running as smoothly as possible. At Auto Tech Centers, we provide engine diagnostics that get to the root cause of your check engine light without a lot of hassle. Optimize your engine’s performance and stay close to home with us. Our Woodstock location is a close 5 minute drive away. Find us in just over a mile by using this route:

  • Start out heading south on North Throop Street/US 14 Business Route toward West Jackson Street
  • Take a left at the second cross street onto West Calhoun Street
  • Turn right onto South Eastwood Drive
  • We are located on your left!

Know When it is Time for Emissions Service

There are several ways to know if your vehicle is in need of emissions repair. Some are more obvious than others, but all of these signs are indicators that you should schedule an appointment with a certified vehicle technician as soon as possible:

  • You fail an emissions examination
  • Your check engine light is on
  • You hear noises or knocking sounds coming from your engine
  • You are getting poor gas mileage

Certified Servce at Auto Tech

When you bring your vehicle in to the certified mechanics at Auto Tech Centers, you are getting expert repair from people who give your car, truck, or sport utility vehicle the care it deserves. As part of our engine services, we will inspect all of your systems for wear, tear, and damage. This includes your emissions, fuel injection, ignition, obstruction, and electrical systems. We also take a look at your anti-lock brakes, hoses, sensors, and spark plugs to get the best idea of how to fix your vehicle properly.

Try Auto Tech for Maintenance and More

Of course, regular maintenance will ensure that your engine stays in tip-top shape year-round, and will help keep on top of emissions requirements at the same time. Give our Woodstock location a call at (815) 338-5700 to schedule your appointment, or pick a service date using our online scheduler. Either way, you will be glad to have your car running smoothly once again!