Keep Your Engine Running Smoothly With a Visit to Auto Tech Centers

Oil Change Near Algonquin. IL | Auto TechThe key to a properly running engine is regular maintenance and oil changes. Drivers who need an oil change near Alqonquin can experience fast and professional service at  Auto Tech Center on Route 47 in Huntley. The short 8-mile trip is an easy jaunt that promises big results when your car runs smoothly for years to come. In addition, our oil changes come with bonus services that help you keep an eye on the important components of your vehicle. 

Come pay us a visit by following these directions, which should get you to our location in about 12 minutes:

  • From South Main Street in Algonquin, head west on West Algonquin Road
  • Turn right on IL-47 north
  • Turn right, and you are here!

A Complete Oil Change Package

At Auto Tech Centers, your oil change comes with plenty of extra services at no additional charge to you. We will oil fittings and check your engine for punctures because smooth operation relies on more than just clean oil. In addition, we will check and top off your fluid levels, inspect and replace your air filter if needed, and check your belts and hoses. While it isn’t a full tune-up, our oil change includes services like tire pressure checks and visual checks of the engine and undercarriage to catch major problems before they become a danger on the road.

Know When to Schedule a Visit

The key to keeping your engine running smoothly is knowing when to bring it in for maintenance. You can easily tell when it is time for an oil change when you observe one of these scenarios:
  • Your oil is low, dirty, filled with fragments, or burnt
  • Your oil light or check engine light is on
  • Your engine is making unusual banging, clanging, or clunking noises
  • It has been 3,000 miles since your last oil change

Pay Us a Visit for Great Service and Care

Car care is about more than just getting on the road again; it is about leaving your vehicle with trusted professionals who value your ride as much as you do. For excellent service from certified professionals, give the mechanics at Auto Tech Center in Huntley a call at (847) 802-4051. Whether you schedule over the phone or online, you will love the feeling that comes with knowing your car is ready for the road ahead.