Oil Change Near Marengo | Auto TechGet Your Oil Change Minutes From Marengo at Auto Tech

As part of your regularly scheduled maintenance routine, you will need to get an oil change near Marengo every few months, which is why it is great that the Auto Tech centers are close by to give you a helping hand. We are right around the corner from Marengo, just 17 minutes away. Venture the 13 miles it takes to get to our Woodstock destination when you follow these directions:

  • Start out traveling North on IL-23 North
  • Take a right onto IL-176 East/Telegraph Street
  • Turn left on IL-47 North/South Eastwood Drive
  • You will find us on your right!

Oil Changes Ensure Smooth Performance

Oil is the lubricant that keeps all of your essential engine components working properly year after year, which is why regular oil changes are important. As oil gets old, it can break down or accumulate particles that may gum up your engine. In addition, oil reserves begin to run low over time, and without oil for lubrication, your engine may overheat, rub, and wear out. To keep everything running smoothly, you should change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, or when you see your check oil light on. Of course, it is always a good idea to check the oil if you hear knocking or pinging in your engine, or if your check engine light is illuminated.

Complete Oil Change Services

At Auto Tech Centers, our certified technicians will replace your oil with professional expertise that ensures the smooth operation of your engine. Our full-service oil changes also include several other services and checks to help you keep an eye on any potential vehicular issues. The following services and checks are included in our oil change offering:

  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter check
  • Engine puncture exam
  • Belt and hose inspection
  • Fluid inspection and refill
  • Oiling of fittings
  • Tire inflation check
  • Visual inspection of undercarriage

Schedule Your Oil Maintenance Today

It is easy to get your car in for a service appointment at Auto Tech Centers, where you can reach us by phone or schedule an appointment online at your convenience. Just around the corner in Woodstock, we have the certified technicians and top-notch equipment you need for any vehicle service and m