Radiator Repair is Simple for Fox River Grove Drivers

Car mechanicWhen you need radiator repair, you want hassle-free service near Fox River Grove. The certified technicians at Auto Tech Centers are ready and waiting to serve you with expert service in a facility designed for a wide variety of service and maintenance needs. While routine care is the best way to keep your radiator in good shape, sometimes you need a little extra help to ensure that your engine won’t over heat, whether the weather outside is chilly or hot! Our Crystal Lake location is just minutes from Fox River Grove, and you can find us in 6.5 miles when you use this route:

  • Follow Skyline Drive and Opatrny Dr to US-14 W.
  • Follow US-14 W. to S. Virginia Road in Crystal Lake
  • Take a left onto S Virginia Road
  • You will see us on your right at 7101 S. Virginia Road!

Start With Routine Care

Just like you wouldn’t skip your regular oil change, you don’t want to skip out on routine care for your radiator as well. Since it works to keep your engine cool, you should make sure that you bring your vehicle to Auto Tech Centers for the following routine services:

  • Maintenance of antifreeze and engine fluid levels
  • Regular inspections of coolant levels and systems, particularly if you have been exposed to very chilly temperatures
  • Coolant flush every 2 years or 30,000 to 50,000 miles
  • Inspection for scale deposits, which are known to clog the system

The Leg Bone is Connected to the Radiator Bone

The radiator isn’t a standalone system, and it works hard with several other components to ensure great engine performance mile after mile. In fact, your radiator is interconnected with other parts of your car thanks to a network of items like hoses, water pump, thermostat, cooling fan, and more. With each visit our team at Auto Tech Centers will perform a system-wide inspection to catch any minor problems before they become big ones. We inspect for appropriate fluid levels, fluid deposits that can be signs of leaks, fractures and leaks in belts and hoses, and other signs of corrosion, oxidation, and wear.

Discover the Many Ways Auto Tech Centers Can Help You

Check out the team at Auto Tech Centers by giving our Crystal Lake location a call at (815) 459-7300 or see what we are all about online. We are open several days a week for a variety of hours so that you can find an appointment time that meets your needs perfectly.