Auto Tech Centers is the Radiator Repair Center Harvard Drivers Rely on Most

Radiator CapYour radiator system is extremely complex and important to the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle and you should not trust just any mechanic with its repair. Auto Tech Centers is trusted by more Harvard drivers because our certified technicians have specialized training and access to a state of the art facility and equipment that allow us to get the job done right and at a price that will impress you. We are only 19 minutes away and you can find us with these simple directions:

  • Head south on US-14 E/N Division St. toward W. Diggins St. for just over 14 miles
  • Make a left onto IL-47 N/S Eastwood Drive
  • You’ll find us on the right and our address is 7101 S. Virginia Road

Routine Radiator Maintenance Prolongs the Life of Your Vehicle

Your radiator is a complex system that includes hoses, pumps, a thermostat, and fan, and acts as the primary means of keeping your engine from overheating. By performing routine maintenance on your radiator, you reduce the wear and tear on your engine, improve fuel economy, and are less likely to break down when you least expect it. Our certified technicians are fully qualified not only to perform routine maintenance, but to identify and fix any damaged component in the system.

Thorough Inspections Get to the Root of Any Issue

In order to ensure that your radiator is in top shape, we put it through a vigorous inspection, checking for leaking fluids, fractured, split or frayed hoses and belts, and indicators of oxidation or corrosion that may be damaging your system or causing excessive wear. You can be sure that when you are having a problem, we will be able to get to the root cause and fix it so that the problem won’t continue to plague you in the future.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Whether you need a radiator repair or would like to perform routine maintenance to keep your system in excellent condition, our certified technicians are happy to help you. Stop by or give us a call and you’ll find out why Harvard drivers choose us for all of their automotive repairs.