Auto Tech Centers Provide Radiator Repair for Ringwood Drivers

MechanicYour radiator is essential for great vehicle performance, which is why the experts at Auto Tech Centers are dedicated to offering great radiator repair services to Ringwood drivers. Our team of highly trained and certified technicians will take a look and get your vehicle back in top shape as soon as possible. You can find us in 8 minutes when you journey around the corner to our neighborhood McHenry service center. This route will get you to us in 4.5 miles:
  • Head southwest on Ringwood Road toward Barnard Mill Road
  • After a little less than 2 miles, turn left onto IL-120 E/W Elm St.
  • You will see us on your right in 1.6 miles!

Love Your Radiator

Though you might be used to thinking about your oil changes and tire rotations, you aren’t always aware of the hard work your radiator does to keep your vehicle running smoothly. In fact, the radiator keeps coolant moving around your engine so it doesn’t overheat and wear out. The radiator system involves several components, including hoses, water pump, fluid wells, and more, so it is important to keep an eye on this system.

Signs of Needed Repair

As a start, you should have your coolant levels checked with each oil change. If levels are low, it could indicate a problem, and these regular checks will give you a chance to catch it before it becomes something major. In addition, you may also need a service visit:
  • Every 10,000 to 50,000 miles, or every two years for a system flush
  • After driving in extreme weather
  • If you notice scale deposits
  • If your engine is overheating
  • If you notice steam coming from your hood
  • If you simply want to have an Auto Tech mechanic to inspect your hoses, pumps, and radiator system!

Keep Repairs With Our Expert Team

When it comes to something as important as your radiator, you want to stick with the best, which is why we are open six days a week for your convenience. Stop by for a quick check-up, or take a look at our extensive service offerings for engine repair, tires, and more. Call our team at (815) 385-7300 or schedule your appointment online today!