Auto Tech Centers is the Radiator Repair Center Wonder Lake Trusts

RadiatorYou should not trust your radiator repair to just anyone, and the helpful experts at Auto Tech Centers understand that failure to properly address radiator issues can have a negative impact on your entire engine. We've been in business for thirty years and our McHenry location has earned the trust of countless Wonder Lake drivers. We are easy to reach- simply follow these directions to 4005 Elm Street.
  • Head south on Wonder Lake Road to IL-20
  • Hang a right onto IL-20 and keep going
  • IL-20 will become Elm St-you'll see us on the right side!

Your Radiator is One of the Most Important Parts of Your Car

Combustion engines generate massive amounts of heat and when engine parts become too hot, they begin to wear and break down. Your oil and other fluids can overheat and burn inside of your engine, causing the buildup of gunk and slush. The radiator controls engine temperature by moving coolant and other fluids throughout the engine to absorb and distribute heat. Ignoring your radiator can cause serious damage to your engine and even make it unsafe to drive your car!

Regular Inspection and Routine Maintenance

We strongly advise that you perform a coolant flush every two years or at intervals of 30,000-50,000 miles as a preventative measure to prolong the life of your radiator. By trusting the regular care of your radiator to our experts, you can be assured that every component of your radiator receives a thorough inspection in order to identify and repair potential concerns. We check your water pump, thermostat, cooling fan and every hose for leaks and signs of oxidation and corrosion.

Trust Your Radiator to the Experts

Wonder Lake drivers have trusted their repairs to us for thirty years now. Whether you require an immediate radiator repair or want one of our experts to perform a routine coolant flush, you can be assured that we will locate any problems with your system and have the wherewithal to fix any issue we encounter. You don't want to wait until a damaged radiator causes your engine to seize or fail when you need it most, so stop by our McHenry location or contact us now to schedule an appointment at your personal convenience.