Auto Tech Centers Offers Reliable Steering and Suspension Service to Algonquin Area Drivers

Suspension RepairBeyond offering a smooth and comfortable ride, your steering and suspension system is responsible for keeping your vehicle in control so that you remain safe on the road. Our certified technicians are able to inspect and repair your system so that you remain safe on the road. Our quick and friendly service coupled with competitive prices and a convenient location less than 15 minutes from Algonquin make us the repair center of choice for many drivers. You can find us with these easy to follow directions:

  • Take Washington St. southeast to Main St. and take a left
  • Take another left onto W. Algonquin Road and stay on until you reach IL-47
  • Take a right onto IL-47 and look for us on the right. We’ll be just a couple blocks down the street at 10370 Route 47 in Huntley, IL

Signs That Your Suspension and Steering Need Adjustment

If you are noticing that your vehicle pulls to one side, shakes, or wanders, and you are having problems on uneven surfaces and bumps in the road, you should have your steering and suspension system inspected as soon as possible. There are numerous factors that may contribute to these problems that range from fluid leaks and worn tires to poor alignment and broken components. Let our certified technicians take a look—we’re sure that we can find and fix the issue for you.

Perform an Annual Inspection for Best Results

In order to detect potential concerns before they turn into costly problems, you should have your system inspected once a year to ensure that your fluid levels are okay, your system is free of leaks, and everything is aligned properly to ensure the best ride and performance. In addition to the benefits to your safety, you will also find that your vehicle consumes less gas when the suspension and steering systems are aligned properly. Also, you will not be rattled around by every bump you encounter in the road.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Steering and suspensions problems are a serious threat to your safety, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment or stop by at your own convenience to have us fit you in. Once you’ve had your vehicle repaired by our friendly and helpful technicians, you will understand why so many Algonquin drivers turn to us for their repairs.