Steering and Suspension Repair Near Chicagoland | Auto TechChicagoland Drivers Prefer Auto Tech Centers for Quality Steering and Suspension Repair

It can be tough to keep on top of regular vehicle maintenance appointments, but you should bring your vehicle in for a quick check if you suspect you need steering and suspension repair near Chicagoland. Your steering system and shocks hold up the weight of your car, so it is important to keep them in good shape for a peaceful and safe drive. Luckily, there is an Auto Tech Center location in your neighborhood; after all, we offer four Chicagoland locations:

  • McHenry, at 4005 West Elm Street
  • Crystal Lake, at 7101 Virginia Street
  • Huntley, at 10370 Route 47
  • Lake in the Hills, at 681 Eastwood Drive

Regular Maintenance and Monitoring

The best thing you can do to keep your suspension in good working order is to get the system inspected yearly. If you drive in rough conditions regularly, you may even need to inspect more often than that. And of course, you should always bring your vehicle in at the first sign of trouble; the longer you let a steering or suspension problem sit, the more you endanger your safety. Bring your vehicle in for a check if you experience the following issues:

  • Difficulty steering
  • Shaking or wandering tires
  • Slippery steering
  • Tugging to one side
  • Continued bouncing after hitting a bump
  • Difficulty or problems driving on uneven surfaces

Full Inspections Ensure Great Steering and Suspension

When you bring your vehicle to Auto Tech Centers for a steering or suspension problem, we will perform a full inspection and repair that may include power steering fluid, tire inspection for uneven wear and tear, tightening of nuts and bolts, balancing of tires, alignment adjustment, repair or replacement of power steering belts, repair or replacement of struts, and adjustment of steering wheels.

A Full-Service Solution

When it’s time to bring your car in for regular maintenance or serious repairs, the certified technicians at Auto Tech Centers can do it all. We are experts in everything from oil changes to brake replacement, which means you can have all your work done at a single location. Call your closest location to schedule an appointment, or schedule online to get your car back on the road again as soon as possible!