Turn Your Vehicle Over toAuto Tech Centers for Steering and Suspension Service Near Hampshire

MechanicWhen you start to worry about every bump or turn in the road, it’s time to take your vehicle into a mechanic for steering and suspension services, preferable close to your neighborhood in Hampshire. At Auto Tech Centers, we offer dedicated vehicle service just minutes away from your location, for quality repairs that aren’t a lot of hassle. We’re perfectly situated for an 11 mile trip that will pay off in terms of vehicle performance and efficiency. Get to us quickly using this route:
  • Use S. State St. to get to Harmony Road
  • Take Harmony Road/Riley Harmony Road for a little over four miles, until you take a right onto Main St.
  • After 1.4 miles, turn left onto IL-47 N. and you will see us on your right!

Maintain Your Steering and Suspension Systems

Ideally, you will have your steering and suspension systems inspected every year, but even the most conscientious car owner can experience issues in between visits. If you push your vehicle to its limits or drive in extreme conditions, you may find that you need to schedule your inspections more frequently. You may also wish to bring your vehicle in for a closer look if you experience issues with performance, especially since minor issues can become much bigger problems in the long run if they are neglected. Give the expert team at Auto Tech Centers a call if you notice the following issues with your vehicle:
  • Pulling or tugging to one side
  • Steering concerns or issues
  • Wobbly, shaking, or wandering tires
  • Difficulty navigating dips or uneven roads
  • Slipping steering
  • Continued bouncing after passing over bumps in the road

Truly Dedicated Service

When you schedule an appointment for vehicle repair, you want to make sure that the entire system is thoroughly inspected so that your mechanics don’t miss a thing. Our certified technicians will look for several issues in your steering and suspension systems, with an examination that looks for damaged parts, low or dirty power steering fluid, unbalanced or unevenly worn tires, loose nuts and bolts, damaged or loose steering belts, improper alignment, impact and strut issues, and steering wheel alignment.

Come in Today

Steering and suspension repairs can’t wait, which is why Auto Tech of Huntley is open several days a week for your convenience. Be sure to call or hop online to schedule an appointment with our shop and give your car, truck, or SUV the care it deserves!