Wonder Lake Drivers Turn to Auto Tech Centers for Steering and Suspension Repair

MechanicYour steering and suspension are essential to the function of your vehicle, which is why you need a repair shop near Wonder Lake that can handle maintenance and repairs for these elements. At Auto Tech Centers, we offer the experience of certified technicians to ensure your vehicle will support you and offer the driving capability you need, mile after mile. We are a short drive from Wonder Lake; use this route to find our McHenry location in a little less than ten minutes:
  • Head northeast on Hancock Drive toward E. Wonder Lake Road
  • Turn right onto E. Wonder Lake Road
  • Turn left onto IL-120 E.—you will see us on your right!

Know When to Seek Service

While you might be used to getting your oil changed or tires rotated, you might not know how often to perform maintenance on your steering and suspension systems. They are designed to hold the weight of the car, soften the feel of bumps in the road, and keep your tires as firmly planted to the road as possible. You will want to bring your vehicle into Auto Tech Services if you notice any of the following:
  • Difficulty steering
  • Vehicle is tugging or pulling to one side
  • Vehicle continues to bounce after passing over a bump or dip in the road
  • Tires shake, wobble, or drift
  • Slipping in the steering
  • Difficulty navigating uneven surfaces

Inspections Included

When you bring your vehicle into Auto Tech Centers for steering and suspension repairs, we will perform a full inspection to make sure we don’t miss a thing. Our inspection will include fluid levels for power steering, an examination of tire balance, evenness, and wear, and an inspection of alignment. We will take a look at struts and/or impacts, as well as steering wheel alignment as well.

Auto Tech Centers is the Source for Expert Auto Care

Whatever you need, the team at Auto Tech Centers can help. Hop over to our McHenry location, or schedule an appointment by calling (815) 385-7300 or by scheduling an appointment online. We are ready and waiting to give your vehicle the care it deserves!