Auto Tech Offers Quality Tire Balance Services for Chicagoland

Tire Balance Service Near Chicagoland | Auto TechChicago weather can be brutal for your vehicle, so if you’re in need of a tire balance in Chicagoland, visit one of Auto Tech Center’s four convenient locations. If you've noticed your steering wheel vibrates on straightaways or the tread on one or more of your tires has worn down, there's a good chance you need to have your tires balanced. The staff at Auto Tech is uniquely qualified to handle all of your balancing needs, and much, much more. 

Where to Find Us

Location is everything, and we know that one of the greatest commodities in this world is a consumer's time. No one wants to spend their valuable time searching for the right place to service their car, and we've kept that in mind when putting up our shops. 
Auto Tech has four convenient locations to serve Chicagoland:
  • McHenry – 4005 W. Elm St., 815-385-7300
  • Crystal Lake – 7101 Virginia St., 815-459-7300
  • Woodstock – 681 Eastwood Dr., 815-338-5700
  • Huntley – 10370 Rte. 47, 847-802-4051 

Tire Balancing and Beyond

Auto Tech has a wide array of services to offer all of Chicagoland's automotive needs, not the least of which are our tire balancing services. Tire balancing is an essential aspect of car maintenance, ensuring a smooth ride with responsive steering, tread evenness, and overall contact with the road. Our service staff is fully equipped with the latest in technology and skill to provide all of our customers with the best in tire balancing service.

We're Ready to Help With Your Vehicle Maintenance Needs

Are you having issues with your tires? Does your vehicle veer a little to the left or right? Maybe you just want a little smoother ride or think your gas mileage could be a little bit better. In any of these instances, having your tires balanced could be the solution to your issue. Stop by one of our convenient Auto Tech Centers locations or schedule an appointment online. We’re happy to help and answer any of your questions. We'll see you soon!