Enjoy a Smoother Ride with Tire Balance Services Near Hampshire

Tire Balance Service Near Hampshire IL | Auto TechIf your vehicle is swerving a little to the left or right or if you’re having any other issues with your tires, the solution may lie in getting tire balance services near Hampshire, which you’ll find at Auto Tech Centers. A surprising amount of a vehicle’s issues can be traced to the tires. If you’re in the Hampshire area, you’ll find our Huntley location by following the directions below.
  • Take W Jefferson Avenue north
  • Turn left on Allen Road
  • Make a right on Harmony Road
  • Turn right onto Harmony Road/Riley Harmony Road
  • Make a left onto Harmony Huntley Road
  • Turn right on Main Street
  • Make a left onto I-47
  • We’ll be on the right at 10370 Rte. 47

Tire Balancing

There are two main signs that will indicate that your vehicle is in need of tire balance: if the steering wheel vibrates on straightaways or if you’ve noticed the tread on any wheels has worn down. The weather in the Chicago area can do a lot of damage to your wheels, so taking your vehicle in should any of these signs occur is a car maintenance best practice. The outcome of getting a tire balancing service from our team is that you’ll be returned to the road with better contact on the road, your treads will be even, and you’ll have an overall smoother ride with responsive steering.

Knowledgeable Service Staff

Our service staff is extremely well versed in all the maintenance needs your vehicle might face. We’re always happy to help and answer any questions you might have about your vehicle. A few of the other services we provide include battery replacement, oil changes, brake service, engine repair, steering and suspension services, transmission service, and much more. It’s best to have your vehicle regularly maintained in order to keep your ride smooth and your gas mileage as low as can be. If you’d like to make an appointment with our staff, you can schedule one using our online form.

Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape at Auto Tech Centers

Knowing the right place to take in your vehicle for maintenance is half the work. When you put your vehicle in the hands of the technicians at Auto Tech Centers, you know you’re going to drive away happy. So come visit us at 10370 Rte. 47 today!