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The Premier Source for Great Tire Balance Services Near Woodstock

Well-balanced tires can make a real difference in the performance and efficiency of any vehicle.  For a quality tire balance near Woodstock, the clear choice is Auto Tech Center. Our dedicated staff of experienced technicians has the latest in technology, tools, and experience to handle any regular or severe maintenance job, and tire balancing and wheel alignment are among our specialties. Open six days a week with an ample set of open hours for anyone’s busy schedule, the trained technicians at Auto Tech Center are happy to help in any way we can.

You can find our convenient Auto Tech Center location right outside of downtown Woodstock. Here’s how to find us:

  • Head down Throop St.
  • Turn left onto Calhoun St.
  • Turn right onto S. Eastwood Dr.
  • You will find us on the left at 681 S. Eastwood Dr.

Signs You Need Your Tires Balanced

If your steering wheel shakes when on straightaways or your vehicle veers slightly from left to right while you’re driving, it’s a distinct possibility that the problem lies in your tire balance. Also, if you’ve noticed a decrease in your general gas mileage, this could be another sign. It’s also strongly recommended that any time you get your tires replaced or rims re-fitted-- any time you have to adjust or change your tires-- you should have those tires balanced.

The average cost for a tire balancing procedure can vary given the severity of the imbalance, and takes less than an hour regardless of said imbalance. On average, you can ensure optimal handling and gas mileage on your vehicle for around the same price as a premium oil change.

Comprehensive Service

Whether your tires need to be balanced, patched, or replaced, the Woodstock branch of Auto Tech Centers is here to help. We can also assist with your wheel alignment, oil change, or any other regular maintenance on your car. To schedule your maintenance job today or to ask about any of our offers and services, call 815-338-5700 and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.