Drivers Seeking a Tire Shop in Huntley Rely on Auto Tech

Mechanic Putting Tire on CarIf you’re looking for the leading tire shop near Huntley, Auto Tech Centers have you covered. With four Chicagoland locations and nearly thirty years in the business, we’ve got tire services down to a science. You can expect exceptional customer service and swift services every time. What’s more, we maintain a hefty stock of more than 6,000 new tires, so you’ll be able to select the exact ones you want on your ride.
Drivers can get to us in a flash, just head north on IL-47 toward Main Street and you’ll see Auto Tech on the right.

Trust the Tire Experts

Our technicians are specially trained in tire services, from essential maintenance to more difficult repairs. We pride ourselves on our proficiency in routine services like tire rotations and balances, and guarantee we’re more meticulous than the competition. If you find yourself with flat or underinflated tires, come to us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to repair them. If we’re not able to repair your damaged tires, or you’re ready for a new set, shop from more than 6,000 tires we have in stock. Choose from all the top brands like Dunlop, Kelly, Goodyear, Firestone, and more! Our technicians will help you pick the ones that match the specifications of your vehicle, and quickly install them on the spot.

Keep Up with Routine Tire Maintenance

Tire services aren’t just necessary when your tires are damaged. Your tires have a huge impact on the overall performance of your vehicle. Neglecting maintenance speeds up the wear of your tires, and can even degrade your drivetrain components. When you’re diligent about routine maintenance, you’ll experience better gas mileage and a smoother drive. You’ll also prevent tire blowouts and unsafe driving. Our technicians will perform a detailed inspection of tread wear and tire pressure, to be sure they’re ready for the road.

Auto Tech is the Premier Tire Shop in Huntley

Whether you’re looking for a set of new tires, or in need of tire services, Auto Tech is the leading tire shop in Huntley. We guarantee you’ll have a better experience with us. When you’re ready, contact us at 847-802-4051 or visit us online to make a quick appointment.